Direct Lender and a Mortgage Broker

Why contact lenders one at a time when all of your options are available in one place?

Rated top mortgage broker and lender in Orange County, CA. Arbor Financial Group takes a great pride in providing our customers with the best customer service. As Southern California's leading direct mortgage lender for over fifteen years, we bring you a wealth of mortgage experience, real estate and insurance knowledge. We hire only the best and the most seasoned mortgage professionals and real estate agents in the industry. Our diverse mortgage products, including first time home buyer programs, conforming fixes, ARM, jumbo mortgage programs, full income documentation and limited income documentation are all tailored to serve your financial needs whether you're a fully qualified home buyer or not! Arbor's rapport with over 25 different wholesale lending institutions, as well as our own direct lending division, enables us to offer our clients the lowest mortgage rates available on the market and a wide variety of mortgage home loans solutions.

Arbor Benefits

Arbor is affiliated with over 25 competitive lenders with over 750+ loan programs available to chose from. Working with Arbor gives you more lending options, more programs and the best mortgage rates in the market. Most importantly, Arbor can offer solutions for even the toughest home financing situations.

  • Niches Programs with Low Interest Rates
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